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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people does the venue hold?


Shining Waters’ wedding venue can accommodate up to 200 guests for stand up cocktail style reception, 180 guests for plated meal, and 160 guests for buffet dinners. Our facility boasts a large wrap-around patio great for cocktail hour, team building exercises, wedding ceremonies, light games, and so much more! 

Is there parking available for my guests at Shining Waters?

Ahmed & Jess Wedding - Katherine Gillis

There is ample parking space available at the marina for your guests, including accessible parking. Guests may also leave their cars overnight if needed.

Is your facility wheelchair accessible?


Yes, Shining Waters is fully wheelchair accessible.  From our washrooms to our wrap around deck that is level with the parking lot, we want to ensure that all your guests are able to attend and be comfortable at marina. We also welcome any feedback on how we can make our marina more accessible and comfortable!


Are there accommodations onsite?


There are no onsite accommodations; however, there are many bed & breakfasts in the area along with Air B'nb's! We are happy to provide a recommendation list of places to stay in the area. 

Is the space open to the public?


Shining Waters is a fully functioning public marina. However, during our special events we will ensure that your venue space is completely private and reserved just for you.  Only you, your guests, and our venue staff will have access to the rental space.

Kayla & Riad.jpg

Is there docking available at Shining Waters during my wedding?

Of course! Contact your coordinator today to get in touch regarding rates and availability.

Where can I see what a wedding at Shining Waters would look like?

Our team takes great pride in providing a beautifully decorated venue for each unique wedding! We encourage you to “Like” us on Facebook @Shiningwatersmarine and follow us on Instagram @shiningwatersevents to check out our posts for an inside look.

Are you accepting bookings for 2021 and beyond?

Absolutely! If you are interested in booking the venue for any upcoming events please visit our “Contact Us” page to set up a personal meeting and viewing of the venue.

How do we reserve a particular date for our event?


Shining Waters requires a signed agreement form and non-refundable deposit to reserve a date. The deposit is applied directly to the invoice. More than one deposit may be required if hosting multiple dates.

Does the cost of the wedding package change if the number of guests changes?

The cost of the wedding package does not alter if the number of guests changes.  A staffing fee may apply to events greater than 150 guests.

Is there a payment schedule?


Payments are due as follows:


60 - Days prior to the Event, Client agree(s) to pay a min. of 50% of the invoice based on current numbers

30 - Days prior to the Event, Client agree(s) to pay a minimum of 75% of the invoice based on current numbers

14 - Days prior to the Event, Client agree(s) to pay 100% of the invoice; Final confirmed numbers will be provided at this time for food and beverage.


If other arrangements need to be made, please contact your coordinator for further guidance.

All payments made are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

What are your options for the bar and what forms of payments are accepted?

Shining Waters provides a fully stocked cash bar and certified bar staff for your event. We are able to accept special requests, signature drinks, and will stock up on your guests' favorites! Open bar, drink tickets, table wine, pour service, and toasts can all be accommodated. Our bar is also fully equipped with a point of sale (P.O.S) system and can accept cash, debit, and credit!

What is included with set-up & breakdown?


During your final meeting, we ask that you drop off your display ready décor pieces, wedding favors, pre-assembled centerpieces, and any outsourced rental items you may have. Your wedding coordinator will review with you any final notes, the floor plan, and determine how you would like to see your decor displayed. At the end of the evening, we ask that you take your valuable items such as gifts, cards, and wedding cake.  Our team is more than happy to collect the rest of your decor and set them aside for you to pick-up at your earliest convenience. 

Are there any decor restrictions?

HEad Table Setting1.jpg

Shining Waters’ wedding venue prohibits the use of sparklers on the deck & docks near the fuel tanks however the parking lot is permissible. Use of Sky Lanterns are not permitted by HRM fire regulations.  Fireworks are not allowed to be outsourced due to insurance regulations.

Chantal Routhier Bridal Lounge.jpg

Is there a space for the bridal party to get ready?


Shining Waters offers a private room that the wedding party can make use of. This room is a small sitting room, however, we do have spacious washrooms and areas to store any unused garments. However, we recommend getting ready at home or in a hotel to avoid the noise as our staff set up the venue for your special day! 

Are we allowed to take photos on-site?


Yes! Shining Waters has breathtaking natural backdrops around the marina grounds to take incredible photos.  We only ask that you do not take photos aboard private boats without the owner’s permission.

Can I use my own catering service provider?


At Shining Waters, we believe in offering outstanding catering services! We have a preferred vendors list of caterers and do not allow any outside catering.  Your wedding coordinator will work with you to ensure your food & beverage needs are met to your specifications.  We are able to offer a level of professionalism and consistency that is important to delivering a successful outcome to one of the most important features of any event – the menu!


Who can provide my wedding cake?


The cake is one of the most important elements to any occasion! Shining Waters allows you to choose your own wedding cake provider. 

Who will cut my cake?


Shining Waters is happy to cut your cake and display it buffet style on platters for a small fee. We do ask that you provide your own napkins. If you wish to have your cake plated and served the fee would depend on the caterer of choice from our vendor list.


Do we get to taste the menu?


Most of our caterers allow for tastings. Your coordinator can schedule a food tasting with your caterer of choice to ensure all your menu specifications are met. Each caterer has different rules and fees. Some restrictions apply to cocktail stations and appetizers, pig roasts etc. 


Can you accommodate allergies and other dietary restrictions?


Our Chefs and catering staff will take the utmost care in facilitating any dietary restrictions as best as we can.  Depending on the severity of the allergy, we cannot guarantee an environment completely free from allergens.  We ask that you let us know of any known allergies 30 days in advance to ensure we can present suitable alternative(s). 


Can I bring my own wine, (homemade or purchased) from a winery or NSLC?

Unfortunately, Shining Waters cannot allow any outsourced alcohol that does not go through our liquor license. We are able to bring in special requests and specific table wine.


How late can minors stay and what time does the bar close?

At Shining Waters minors are permitted to remain in the venue until 11:00pm and we are able to serve alcohol until 1:00am.  We strive to ensure that all guests are able to enjoy the venue by abiding by liquor license regulations. There is an unlicensed room at the front of the building where minors can go if needed. 


What are SOCAN and RE-Sound taxes?


These are copyright taxes for the music industry which are required to be paid for each event hosted. This must be paid by all who book facilities in Canada. SOCAN represents the composers and Re-sound the recording artists. This cost is the direct cost charged by these two organizations. Both of these organizations are governed by Canadian laws.

Will someone from Shining Waters be present to facilitate throughout the day/evening?


Yes!  You will have a dedicated coordinator present onsite for the duration of your event - ensuring the day runs smoothly synchronizing the set up, food service, and so much more!


I do not live in Halifax, have you planned weddings & events long distance?


Yes! We have planned as close as our neighbors to as far as Iraq & New Zealand! Shining Waters offers onsite event coordinators to help you throughout the planning process. Phone, email, and personal correspondence are always available. 


I've heard that you can have up to 3 or more back-to-back events; do you have on-site storage space for my decor items?


Yes! Shining waters can store all your items onsite until the day of.  We ask that you bring all decor to your final meeting before the event day.  Your coordinator will review how you imagine your items to be placed.  Let our talented staff take care of the rest!  We can even store delicate flowers and wedding cakes in our walk in fridge.


Is the deck the only place to have a ceremony?


We have two beautiful locations to host your wedding ceremony and an indoor backup with views of the ocean in the event of poor weather.  Each location offers stunning views of the bay that are sure to impress your guests!  Check out our “Wedding Packages” for more options.


Can your facility hold a band?


Our facility is fully equipped with a large dance floor area with more than enough space to host a band and a DJ!  The space offers many outlets and the ability to set up lights and sound.  We can also accommodate set up & sound check times on the day of your event.


Is there internet access?


Shining Waters is equipped to offer free WIFI if needed.  Simply ask one of the staff for the WIFI code or let your coordinator know it will be needed upon arrival.





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